Web hosting services are every bit necessary if you want to launch your business online. A good web host can help your website perform better significantly. That’s just the tip of what they can do in the grand scheme.

There are a few web hosting types to choose from. It’s best that you know what these are before you invest in any of them.

Here are the types of web hosting explained. Later on, we’ll give a verdict on which is better for your brand.

Shared Hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting service. It’s also the cheapest. As the name implies, shared hosting allows you to share a server with other websites. As you may have guessed, the service is cheap because you and a bunch of other website hosts are basically paying for the server.

This is a good way to run a website on a budget, but it has some drawbacks.

First, all websites must use the same resources to share the server with other users. This means that your site’s performance can be slow, but it’s only a problem when traffic starts to increase.

It’s a great option for startup websites, but as your website grows, you’ll need to move to other services.

Another problem here is that you’re putting your website at risk too. If the websites you share the server with get hacked, yours can be potentially affected too.

Dedicated Hosting

In this type of web hosting, the website is hosted on a dedicated server. This is a more expensive option, but it does not share the server with other sites so it results in the best performance.

This type of service is highly recommended when traffic increases. You want to deliver the best experience for your visitors, after all.

Many companies that succeed should eventually move to dedicated servers. Some major brands that want to run the website itself start with a dedicated server because they expect a lot of traffic the moment they launch.

It’s a good investment for your business as it maximizes the performance of your website.

That said, your website is also more secure when under dedicated hosting. The host has all of their attention on your brand, so they can do more in the case of a security breach.

Cloud Hosting

This type of hosting is also known as virtual private hosting or VPS. It allows your website to run on its cloud-based server system. The advantage of cloud hosting is that it is more scalable and flexible than other web hosting types.

To put it simply, your website is run on the cloud through a network of servers. If one network goes down, there will be another that replaces it. This maximizes the uptime of your website

This type of hosting is ideal if your website has complex systems and features that require a lot of processing power. Of course, you don’t share the system with others in cloud hosting, so this is a great way to run a high-traffic website.

Which Is The Best?

To be frank, there’s no one best type of hosting service. It really depends on what your business needs.

Cloud hosting or dedicated hosting might sound like the best options but consider a few factors first. Say you’re launching a startup business, and you want a website for it.

Letting your website run on the cloud or dedicated servers isn’t practical because you don’t need that much to run your platform. You’re spending a lot of money on resources that you aren’t able to maximize.

Our suggestion is to start with dedicated hosting. Work your way up from there as your business begins to get more visitors. Doing this is a great idea as it lets you scale your budget and needs when it comes to web hosting.

Picking the right web host can be advantageous for your website. Now that you’re more familiar with the types of web hosting, you can make a better-informed decision in the future as well.